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A Fun and Friendly Chinese School

Welcome to the website of

Chinese Learning Paradise -

A fun and friendly Chinese school

in Canterbury, Kent.


Our adult and child courses run at the same time, at the same venue and on the same dates.



We look forward to welcoming you.

Saturday Face-to-Face Lessons: 週六實體課

Time: 10 Am - 12 Noon (Saturdays)
Location: Canterbury Academy

Weekday Online Language Courses: 周間線上班
Monday to Wednesday: 4:30-5:15 PM

Location: Google Meet

At our school, we strive to create a friendly and happy Chinese learning environment for children. We are using a wide range of teaching materials, active and engaging methods of teaching and high quality teaching personnel to introduce Chinese language and culture to our children. This will help them develop interest and attachment with the language and therefore drives further motivation to learn. This positive effect will benefit their general linguistic skills as a whole throughout their lives.


Students can choose to learn in traditional or simplified Chinese

It will suit and benefit learners of all backgrounds and needs.


Gradual exposure to both forms of Chinese writing not only helps children understand the feature and beauty of Chinese characters, but will also help strengthen students' adaptability to interchanging between these forms of writing, and understand the principles of how simplified Chinese writing works.

Up-to-date teaching materials and methods

We teach knowledge of Chinese culture, plus useful practical skills such as typing Chinese and learning through singing and playing games. These will all help strengthen the four skills of Chinese (listening, reading, speaking, writing).


Our teachers also keep their knowledge updated by attending regular training courses and establish links with the latest information on Chinese Education.






Thank you for taking the time to understand more about our school and our aims. Your opinions are always welcome and valuable in order to help us to continually improve our school and maintain a centre of excellence for Chinese learning.


We welcome you aboard!


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